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    Andrew Hrenak
    Detective/Forensic Examiner, Regional Computer Crimes Education and Enforcement Group (RCCEEG)

    The Regional Computer Crime Education and Enforcement Group (RCCEEG) is a non-profit, multi-jurisdictional computer crime task force serving the Eastern District of Missouri. The inception of RCCEEG began in 1999 and was fully implemented as a non-profit organization in January, 2003. It exists to meet the growing demand for forensic and investigative support with regard to the use of technology in criminal activity. The members of RCCEEG are local law enforcement officers who have received training in the forensic analysis of digital media. They are detached from their host agencies to provide full time support to the region. The RCCEEG staff is funded, in part, through a state grant. Our operational expenses are partially funded through a subscription service plan supported by area municipal Police Departments. Our work product has been used in the prosecution of numerous high profile cases at both State and Federal levels, resulting in its use as a template for similar entities. We participate in new recruit training within the St Louis County and Municipal Police Academy as well as in-service training for Police Officers and area Prosecuting Attorneys.