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    Andy Baker, Moderator
    Regional Director, Optiv

    Andrew Baker built a base of skills starting with the earliest implementations of 4th Generation Languages, originator of operator company wide voice mail systems, to seeing the product development and deployment of the first off switch Home Location Register and Authentication Center (HLR/AC) which dramatically improved AT&T’s call handling and significant reduction in early cell phone fraud. Andy’s entrepreneurial skills were honed by co-founding a small start-up in the mid 1990’s whose primary focus was the distribution and least cost routing of corporate fax traffic via internal WAN technology.

    Over the past 15 years, he brought disruptive technologies to market such as the first E911 system deployed nationwide at Sprint in support of the E911 location mandate. That experience earned him the reputation of being a location based services expert where he was able to consult with a number of start-ups using location for various commercial endeavors. Most recently, he adapted his technical and selling skills to the fast growing area of Cyber Threat Intelligence systems executing the go to market strategy at Narus Inc. (a Boeing Company). Success in sales through out the last 15 years put him in the top percentile of revenue generators for his companies and gave him access to many executive level individuals within the Telecommunications and internet industries.