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    Annie Searle
    Senior Lecturer, University of Washington, The Information School

    Annie Searle is a senior lecturer at the University of Washington’s School of Information, where she teaches courses on risk management, cybersecurity, and information management, She is a lifetime member of The Institute of American Entrepreneurs; and was inducted in 2011 into the Hall of Fame for the International Network of Women in Homeland Security and Emergency Management. She writes a column monthly for ASA News & Notes; and is the author of several books or book chapters, most recently "Risk Reconsidered, " a collection of articles and columns published in July 2018. She is also principal of ASA Risk Consultants, a Seattle-based firm. Searle is a pro bono advisor to the Seattle Police Department, and a member of the board of directors of the Seattle Public Library Foundation. Searle spent ten years at Washington Mutual Bank where for most of those years she chaired the crisis management team.