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    Benjamin Benhan
    Global Privacy and InfoSec Attorney, eBay

    With over six years of experience in privacy and data governance, Ben is a passionate and driven global privacy and infosec attorney at eBay, where he helps the company navigate the complex and evolving regulatory landscape of data protection and cyber security. He has a strong background in computer science, cyber security, network engineering, and law, as well as multiple certifications that demonstrate his proficiency and credibility in the field. He is motivated by the challenge of balancing the needs and interests of various stakeholders while ensuring the highest standards of compliance, ethics, and risk management. He values diversity, innovation, and collaboration, and enjoys working with a dynamic and cross-functional team that shares his vision of creating a safe and trusted online marketplace for millions of users worldwide.

    In his current role, he advises eBay on global privacy and infosec matters, including developing and implementing policies, procedures, and best practices in privacy, security, and data governance. He leads global efforts in vendor risk management and data processing agreements, and has experience conducting privacy impact assessments, responding to data breaches and incidents, and liaising with regulators, customers, and partners. He leverages his skills in cyber policy, data privacy, and legal aspects to provide practical and strategic solutions that align with the company's business objectives and values. He also contributes to the continuous improvement and education of the privacy and infosec programs by staying updated on the latest trends, developments, and standards in the industry, and by sharing his insights and expertise with his colleagues and peers.