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    Brian Coulson
    Principal Threat Research Engineer, LogRhythm

    As Principal Threat Research Engineer in LogRhythm Labs, Brian works to keep abreast of current cyberthreats and news, develop threat detection and response content, and demonstrate how we detect and respond to threats. In this role, he regularly engages with the LogRhythm Community and offers advice and solutions to remediate common security-related issues. He is also responsible for creating new content in the form of AI Engine rules, WebUI dashboards, and Kibana.

    Prior to starting at LogRhythm, Brian worked as lead information security engineer for a LogRhythm customer. He also used a number of other SIEMS and logging solutions throughout his time at the company. In this position, his day-to-day responsibilities included incident response, forensics, compliance, policy authoring, internal training, security architecture, and more.

    Brian has a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Video Art from the University of New Mexico.