About the Speaker
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    Charlotte Hooper
    Director & Helpline Manager, The Cyber Helpline

    Charlotte is the Helpline Manager at The Cyber Helpline and has supported thousands of victims of cybercrime and online harm, specializing in cyberstalking and technology-facilitated intimate partner violence. On top of her role at The Cyber Helpline, Charlotte has a first-class degree in Policing and Criminal Justice and a masters degree in Cybercrime Investigation. Charlotte delivers cybercrime related training sessions around the world for police forces, victim support charities and private organizations. Her areas of expertise include: Cybercrime investigations, cybercrime law enforcement & regulation, open-source intelligence, cyberstalking & online harassment, the cybercrime & online harm threat landscape and the impact of cybercrime on victims.

    For more, read our interview with Charlotte here: https://www.secureworld.io/industry-news/what-is-the-cyber-helpline