About the Speaker
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    Chris Glanden, Host
    Founder, The BarCode Podcast

    Chris Glanden is an experienced cybersecurity strategist and the Founder & CEO of BarCode Security, a full-service consulting firm he launched in November 2023. Through BarCode, Glanden provides advisory services, pentesting, training, and incident response with a team of seasoned industry experts.

    In 2020, Glanden started the BarCode Security podcast to have engaging discussions with global cybersecurity leaders. As COVID restrictions lifted, he took the show on the road nationwide, recording live at venues like private yachts, tech meetups, and hacker conventions. The podcast and live events aim to educate on diverse perspectives in cybersecurity leadership and culture.

    Concurrently, Glanden is producing his first documentary film “Inhuman,” focused on weaponized AI, slated for release in 2024. His approach across projects combines the technical aspects of cybersecurity with a creative and entertainment angle, emphasizing the importance of understanding the human side in establishing efficient security programs.