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    Claire LaVelle
    Event Director, ISSA

    Claire LaVelle is a Security Consultant for the North America PCI team at Verizon with over 15 years of Information Technology experience, including a decade dedicated to all facets of Information Security (compliance, architecture, operational, privacy and forensics).

    Claire has two Masters Degrees in Computer Science. She earned her first Masters Degree at Mills College while working on her thesis with Guidance Software, which she published with Elesvier. She earned her second Masters Degree at Naval Post Graduate School under the Scholarship for Service (SFS), sponsored mainly by the National Science Foundation (NSF). At Naval Post Graduate, she focused on Information Security familiarizing herself intimately with topics such as ethical hacking, reverse engineering, protocol analysis (encryption), privacy, ethics and the internet, advance networking, vulnerability management, compliance and much more in addition to participating in practical defense exercises against government agencies and hacking competitions.

    Claire loves to share her passion for computer security via speaking engagements inside her company and at various conferences. She presented at the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) Risk Summit in Boston, in front of the Association of Forensic Document Examiners in Myrtle Beach, and at local colleges, last year.