About the Speaker
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    David Lingenfelter, Moderator
    CISO, Penn Entertainment

    David Lingenfelter is the Chief Information Security Officer at Penn Entertainment, responsible for ensuring the highest possible level of security for the rapidly changing risk landscape. David manages teams that oversee IT security and compliance for both the retail and digital aspects of the business. David believes that in order to implement a successful security program it’s important for everyone to understand the threats and risks that could adversely impact the business.

    Prior to joining Penn Entertainment, David oversaw security for the MaaS360 mobile device management platform at IBM. During his tenure at IBM, David helped onboard and integrate the team supporting MaaS360 as part of the acquisition of Fiberlink Communications into IBM. Prior to the acquisition by IBM, David was the Information Security Officer at Fiberlink Communications working as part of the team that designed and built an early Software as a Service cloud model for its MaaS360 platform. David also led the charge for getting MaaS360 to be the first mobile device management platform certified for use by the federal government under the FedRAMP program.

    As a member of the Cloud Security Alliance David was co-chair of the Mobile Working Group culminating in the publication of the “Security Guidance for Critical Areas of Mobile Computing”. David also gave input to early versions of the Cloud Control Matrix and other publications and is a former president of the Delaware Valley chapter of the Cloud Security Alliance. David’s career in IT security has always included a strong emphasis on awareness and understanding of the threats and risks associated with poor security. This passion for helping bring awareness to others and has lead David around the world giving presentations on multiple aspects of IT security and the overall impact on business and personal lives.