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    Eduardo Ortiz-Romeu
    Group VP, Global Head of Cybersecurity, Techtronic Industries

    A change leader, Eduardo Ortiz is considered one of the leading corporate authorities in building effective cybersecurity programs for global operations.

    He has spent his career guiding the design, build, evolution, and strength of Information Systems (IS) and Cybersecurity programs for global and domestic companies across diverse industries. Eduardo has fostered corporate transformations across multibillion-dollar operations by connecting Cybersecurity to brand reputation and revenue growth. He has cultivated and influenced the corporate adoption of a security-conscious mindset through awareness training, risk quantification, easy-to-embrace policies, and system support. He has successfully turned IT cost centers into profit centers.

    Protecting data, assets, and intellectual property, Eduardo’s tenacity and innovation in security systems strategy have benefitted operations and brand reputations across APAC, EMEA, Australia, and New Zealand, within myriad industries, including technology innovation, industrial, government agencies, manufacturing, and various private and public sector companies worldwide.

    A trusted advisor and solutions partner to the C-suite, executive boards, investors, private equity groups, and leaders across every function of an organization, Eduardo has been responsible for designing innovative security solutions and architecture development to protect data integrity, availability, and confidentiality across digital assets, products, people, and brand reputation.

    As Global Head of Cybersecurity for Techtronic Industries, Inc., a $13B global operation, Eduardo oversees a 28-member global team of direct-level IT engineers and analyst staff, and multiple CIOs representing divisions worldwide. Eduardo architected, deployed, and supervised the first full-scale global Managed Detection and Response program for Techtronic Industries. He helps companies prioritize risk to return with their IT and cybersecurity programs, and has played a vital role in reducing vulnerability, improving alignment between globally dispersed locations, and addressing global cybersecurity resiliency.

    In his previous role as CISO and Director of Information Security for one of the world’s leading providers of correctional detention services, Eduardo rebuilt the Cybersecurity and IS function for The GEO Group, evolving and aligning the company’s systems, governance, and overall operations implementation. While with GEO, Eduardo was also tapped to travel to Australia to turn around a stalled $800M facility construction project facing challenges with the Australian government on security certifications. His communication, leadership, and negotiation skills swiftly turned the project and certification around, enabling the facility to open early and within budget. Eduardo eventually served as CISO for the new facility.

    A committed corporate leader with a coaching mindset, Eduardo thrives on building high-performance, engaged, and accountable global teams that can swiftly deliver on aggressive goals. A frequently requested public speaker and a thought leadership guest on industry-related talk shows and podcasts, Eduardo holds an MS in Industrial Technology and a BS from Purdue University. He has earned multiple certifications, including QTE, CISM, and GSLC and is a valuable executive advisory board member on multiple corporate and nonprofit boards. Eduardo resides in South Florida with his wife and daughters.