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    Eric Vanderbur
    Solutions Architect, Global Alliances and Partners, Forescout

    Eric Vanderbur is a highly skilled computer security professional with a deep understanding of cybersecurity principles and a passion for protecting digital assets. With over 20 years of experience in the field, Eric has developed expertise in network security, endpoint security, cyber, threat intelligence, and incident response.

    Throughout his career, Eric has worked with diverse organizations, including multinational corporations, educational and government agencies, to identify and mitigate security risks. Eric specializes in assisting these organizations with identifying risk exposures, implementing robust security technologies, and formulating proactive strategies to safeguard critical systems and data.

    As an advocate for cybersecurity awareness, Eric has delivered numerous training sessions and workshops to educate both technical and non-technical stakeholders on best practices for maintaining a secure computing environment. He believes that a strong security posture requires a holistic approach, encompassing technology, processes, and human factors.