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    Evgeniy Kharam, Moderator
    Cybersecurity Architect and Evangelist

    Evgeniy is built and wired differently. As a father of four, including twins, he has mastered the art of remaining unflappable in the face of adversity. His career, which began on the technical frontlines as a firewall deployment engineer, has evolved remarkably to a VP of Architecture at The Herjavec Group. This journey has provided him with a panoramic view of cybersecurity, showcasing his ability to navigate and lead across all its domains. Beyond his corporate achievements, Evgeniy's passion for the field extends to founding two podcasts—one technical Security Architecture, the other business-focused Cyebr Inspiration—and moderating panels and interviews for the industry. He uniquely blends his personal passions with his professional life by co-founding a cybersecurity-focused ski and snowboard conference, creatively merging lifestyle with industry engagement. Evgeniy now runs his own cyber/media consulting services, leveraging his extensive industry knowledge and media expertise to guide clients through the complexities of cybersecurity.