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    Dr. Howard Goodman
    Sr. Technical Director, Skybox Security

    Howard Goodman, with a distinguished career spanning two decades, has emerged as a pivotal figure in cybersecurity, seamlessly integrating strategic planning with hands-on cybersecurity applications across numerous sectors. His significant contributions to organizations like Skybox Security highlight his prowess in navigating through the intricate realms of cybersecurity. A U.S. Navy veteran and holder of a Ph.D. in Cyber Operations, specializing in meticulously formulating and implementing security strategies.

    Throughout his journey, he has consistently demonstrated a steadfast ability to deliver tangible results, adeptly crafting strategies while precisely evaluating the risks, issues, and benefits of long-term initiatives. His unique talent lies in skillfully communicating complex technical concepts to both senior executives and non-technical stakeholders, ensuring a thorough understanding of the projects and strategies under his leadership. Dr. Goodman's trajectory in the field reveals a leader who not only navigates through the complexities of the digital and cybersecurity domain but also stands as a reliable guide, ensuring strategic and secure operations in all his endeavors.