About the Speaker
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    Jack Roehrig
    Technology Evangelist, Uptycs

    Jack has been passionate about (obsessed with) information security and privacy since he was a child. Attending 2600 meetings before reaching his teenage years, and DEF CON conferences shortly after, he quickly turned an obsession into a career. He began his first professional, full-time information security role at the world's first internet privacy company, focusing on direct-to-consumer privacy.

    After working the startup scene in the 90s, Jack realized that true growth required a renaissance education. He enrolled in college, completing almost six years of coursework in a two-year period, studying a variety of disciplines before focusing on obtaining his two computer science degrees. University taught humility and empathy. These were key to pursuing and achieving a career as a CSO lasting more than 10 years.

    Jack primarily focuses his efforts on mentoring his peers (as well as them mentoring him), advising young companies (especially in the information security and privacy space), and investing in businesses that he believes are both innovative and ethical.