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    Jay Beale
    CEO & CTO, InGuardians, Inc.

    Jay Beale is CTO and CEO for InGuardians. He works on Kubernetes, Linux, and Cloud-Native security, both as a professional threat actor and as an Open Source maintainer and contributor. Jay is a member of the Kubernetes project and previously co-led the project’s Security Audit Working Group. He's the architect of the Peirates attack tool for Kubernetes and the Bustakube CTF Kubernetes cluster. In the distant past, he created Bastille Linux, a lockdown tool that introduced a vital security-training component, and the Center for Internet Security’s Linux scoring tool, both used by hundreds of thousands. Since 2000, he has led training classes on Linux & Kubernetes security at the Black Hat, RSA, CanSecWest and IDG conferences, as well as in private training.