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    Joe Wilson
    Sr. Security Engineer, BI Incorporated

    With over 15 years in IT and 5 years in cybersecurity, Joe is a recognized leader in safeguarding global digital landscapes. His experience and commitment IT and cybersecurity has seen him contributing to large and high-profile assignments such as the 2020 US Census Bureau Project through the Department of Commerce to his current task with the ISAP program under Department of Homeland Security.

    In 2011, Joe co-founded Nerdtap, an IT startup providing hands-on support and solutions to the greater Grand Junction area. It was those the foundational years of Nerdtap when Joe learned how to best partner his knowledge of IT and cybersecurity to create entrepreneurial opportunities assisting others with building and maintaining functioning and secure enterprise infrastructure. While no longer involved with the day to day of the business, he has retained ownership and continues to serve as an advisor to the company’s management.

    Joe received his CSSIP in 2018 and specializes in Zero-Trust, DLP, endpoint security, and secure cloud migrations. He enjoys connecting with IT and security professionals and is a leader of TechYeet networking community. Outside of his professional endeavors, Joe spends time traveling with his wife and one year old daughter.