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    John Callaghan
    Sr. Security Engineer in SOC Operations, Forensics, and Threat Hunting, Pulte Financial Services

    As a security practitioner of 30 years, Jack's experience began in the 80s with commercial and military venues, and expanding in early days of the Internet. It continued to be shaped by the growth of malware and data breaches as global threats against business, nations, and individuals. While developing some of the earliest proactive IPS systems ( proto-SIEM) on an extensive international network (DEC's Easynet) he was able to analyze and evolve response systems by observing the nature and techniques resulting in data exposure.

    His present focus is global information growth and the profitable criminal practices and State actors constantly assaulting data, inevitably with profound impact. Recent work in MSSP and financial sectors continues to expose him to the bleeding edge of data loss affecting every user of this global data repository. His current position, Senior Security Engineer at Pulte Financial, offers constant exposure to threats engineered to steal financial and PII content and continues to sharpen his sense of appropriate Incident Response, CSIRT defense activities, and the continual need to protect individuals funds and privacy.

    As a regular presenter for ISSA and ISACA, he's focused on sessions addressing information exposure, attack methodologies, and integrating threat content and TTPa to quick response defenses, but now is concerned with practical approaches to tailored tactical response, SOC operations, and personal data privacy.