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    Jonathan Carr
    Cybersecurity & Compliance Manager, Flow Control Group, Perception Point

    Meet Jonathan Carr, a cybersecurity and compliance manager with a passion for fortifying digital realms and collecting tangible treasures. With an extensive background in cybersecurity and compliance, Jonathan is the go-to guardian for securing data and ensuring regulatory adherence.

    Off the clock, you'll find Jonathan on the basketball court, dribbling his way through challenges, mirroring his knack for tackling complex cybersecurity issues head-on. He's not just a strategist in the office but also a strategic player on the hardwood. In addition to his love for hoops, Jonathan has a sneaker collection that rivals the best. Each pair tells a story, reflecting his appreciation for style, innovation, and craftsmanship. When not chasing cyber threats or practicing his slam dunk, Jonathan indulges in a unique hobby—collecting Funko Pops. His shelves are a colorful testament to his enthusiasm for pop culture icons and fictional characters.

    Jonathan Carr is the cybersecurity guru with a penchant for physical and digital collecting. He's equally at home guarding the digital frontier and seeking out the latest additions to his impressive collections.