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    Nigel Thompson
    Vice President, Solutions Marketing, BlackBerry

    Nigel Thompson is responsible for the product position and messaging of BlackBerry® Spark. He is a regular thought leadership speaker, experienced on topics impacting governments and businesses worldwide, including cybersecurity trends, workflow reformation and harnessing IoT to accelerate digital transformation.

    As BlackBerry has transformed how intelligent endpoints are deployed in the enterprise, Nigel has led teams on the positioning, direction and design of BlackBerry collaboration and productivity services. Formerly, Nigel was the founder and CEO of CloudSync, one of the first SaaS cloud based Mobile Device Management solutions on the market. After it was acquired by Good Technology in 2010, Nigel led teams as Vice President of Product Design, joining BlackBerry in 2015 after the company acquired Good Technology.

    Originally from New Zealand, Nigel has been based in Colorado in the USA for many years. Nigel holds a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), from the University of Auckland.