About the Speaker
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    Paola Saibene
    Principal, Teknion Data Solutions

    Paola Saibene has been a technologist for 26 years, having held multiple C-suite roles (CIO, CTO, CSO) in large, global organizations, having received national awards in innovation and cybersecurity, and having led thousands of her own team members to fulfill business missions, and thrive despite constraints. She has also worked as a Data Privacy Officer and as a VP of Enterprise Risk Management. Paola blends innovation, digital transformation, strategy, growth, security, privacy, risk, compliance, and governance into an ecosystem of high resiliency and strength, especially as it pertains to data and its valuation process. Presently, Paola leads the Data Governance Practice at Teknion Data Solutions and teaches at Georgetown University (Information Security Master’s Program), Dallas Baptist University (Digital Risk Management Program), and the ENAE University in Spain (Master’s in Data Science ). Her curriculum across universities is built on data seen from a “Governance by Design” approach, infused with Cybersecurity, Data Privacy, Digital Ethics, Enterprise Risk Management, and Information Security Law. She is also the co-author of the “CISO Mentor”.