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    Rhea Michael Anthony
    Product Security Architect – Associate, SAP

    Rhea Michael Anthony is a Product Security Architect Associate at SAP's Global Security team. Her mission is to research and develop robust software security and secure software development practices that support innovation and champion a security-first culture that impacts products across SAP. She is actively engaged in researching threats and safeguards for developing AI Software, for secure data consumption and secure model, to ensure security at the forefront of AI development. This also includes reviewing and adapting industry standards (eg: OWASP Top 10) and regulatory requirements (eg: EU AI Act) with consideration of SAP's diverse technology and use of open source software.

    With prior experience as an Analytics and Machine Learning programmer, she understands the challenges of development which lends her a unique perspective in bridging the worlds of AI development and security, with a vision of innovating solutions where security and usability are intricately interwoven.

    Rhea is an Engineer with a Master's Degree from the University of Texas at Dallas in Business Analytics, majoring in Data Science. She is a speaker, advocating for adopting ethical AI principles and empowering development teams to navigate through the security challenges inherent in AI development. In this ever-evolving landscape of technology, she values continuous learning and building strong collaboration with industry peers in fortifying the future of technology.