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    Roy Wilkinson
    Principal, CISO/CIO Services, Rausch Advisory

    Roy Wilkinson, PhD, CISSP, CPCS, CHS-V, HISP, is a former CSO & CISO with 30+ years in Information Security and 25+ years in physical security. He is currently Principal for a virtual CIO/CISO practice with an executive advisory firm and was recently elected as Vice President of ISSA International. Dr. Wilkinson is a recognized security leader and speaker for security organizations: ISSA Intl, ASIS Intl, ACFEI Homeland Security, SecureWorld, CyberCrime Summit, and others. Roy holds an extensive list of security certifications and honors, including: ISSA International Hall of Fame, American College of Forensic Examiners Fellow, and ISSA International Distinguished Fellow.