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    Sabino Marquez
    Chief Trust Officer, Pantheon.io

    Sabino Marquez is the Chief Trust Officer at Pantheon.io, a premier provider of WebOps solutions for Drupal and WordPress sites globally. His approach to leading cybersecurity as a ‘Trust Product Practice’ has led to substantial returns on security investments, higher value-generation velocity, and enhanced equity valuations. Sabino leads the Trust Product organization as a go-to-market leader, working alongside the productive business to enable and defend value, and transforming stakeholder Trust into a powerful tool for competitive differentiation. Within his key areas of focus, Sabino ensures robust protection mechanisms are in place for stakeholder interests while also leveraging organizational Trust as a distinct advantage in a competitive market landscape. His work has not only brought him recognition as ‘2023 C100 Winner’, but he is also an esteemed thought leader who frequently shares insights in Security Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and Cyber Security Tribe.