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    Sean Donlon
    Sr. Special Agent, U.S. Secret Service – Burlington, VT

    A 22-year veteran of the United States Secret Service, Senior Special Agent Sean Donlon currently manages the Burlington office, overseeing investigations of cyber and financial crimes in the state of Vermont. Prior to his post in Vermont, Senior Special Agent Donlon served as an assistant attaché for the Secret Service in the United States embassy in Rome, Italy, where he was responsible for liaising with foreign law enforcement in over 60 countries, including those in Southern Europe, West Africa and the entirety of the Middle East. While there, he coordinated with the Polizia di Stato, Italy’s state police, in managing the European Cyber Fraud Task Force.

    SSA Donlon began his law enforcement career with the Secret Service in Los Angeles, where he received training as a network intrusion specialist, responding to computer-related incidents throughout Southern California and serving as the deputy squad leader for the Los Angeles Cyber Fraud Task Force. In the years that followed, SSA Donlon continued to pursue training in a variety of cyber crime-fighting specialties before becoming a certified instructor at the James J. Rowley Training Center, the Service’s training academy.