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    Sudesh Gadewar
    Security Engineer, Ellie Mae

    Sudesh Gadewar is Sr Staff Security Engineer at EllieMae. Sudesh holds 10+ years of experience in security where passion is in offense and defense of security. Sudesh holds various Security Certifications which he use as attestations to his skillset. His core area of expertise is in product and application security, where he build SSLDC lifecycle, Security Automation On-Prim and Cloud. He build threat intel automation where aggregating feeds, validating, cleansing and integrate with sensors. He does spend lots of time on threats kill chain analysis. In his spare time he like to educate people, kids around security and 101 of cyber security. Sudesh presented in various conferences such as Cisco Live, DEFCON, Tech Summits, Meet up to share the best practices and new analysis around threats and information Security.