About the Speaker
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    Tamara Shoemaker
    Cybersecurity Training Leader, The Automotive Information Sharing and Analysis Center (Auto-ISAC)

    Tamara Shoemaker is a diligent and self-motivated Cyber Security Specialist offering 25 years of combined experience in cybersecurity and administrative management for large and small corporations aiming to amplify the use and knowledge of security. Relentless dedication to leading teams to balance meticulous attention to quality with a sense of urgency to "get the job done" in alignment with preset deadlines.

    She is a dynamic, hardworking, intelligent, passionate, resourceful, resilient, jovial, insightful, team player. Working with her, an organizational team will experience a kind hearted, courageous, spirited yet direct leadership style. She has a strong ability to communicate and work effectively with people from all levels and sectors of the business, education, government and technological communities.

    Dedication to address the all encompassing cybersecurity challenge of getting enough properly trained and education people into the workforce. Recognized as a leader with outstanding skills in cybersecurity awareness training, education and outreach. Seeking to deliver her skills/experiences as a liaison for your company to increase the number of students in the field of cybersecurity and build your brand.