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    Taylor Milligan Crotty
    Director, Cyber Administration, BlackRock

    Taylor M. Crotty leads Cyber Administration at BlackRock, with responsibility for Cyber Diligence, Cyber Governance, Cyber Partnerships, Cyber Training & Awareness including the Firm's cyber resilience initiatives, and Business Management activities across Information Security, including fiscal management, talent management, and strategic project management.

    Prior to assuming her current role, Taylor was the Global Head of Cyber Resilience & Data Protection, responsible for preparing BlackRock and key partners critical to BlackRock’s business operations to respond to a cyber event, and optimizing the protection of Firm and Client information. Taylor also previously led BlackRock's Supply Chain Security program where she was responsible for improving the security of outsourced workflows through contracting and conducting security assessments. Ms. Crotty earned an Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Michigan College of Engineering.