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    Terry Ray
    SVP, Strategy and Imperva Fellow, Imperva

    Terry Ray is the SVP and Imperva Fellow for Imperva Inc. As a technology fellow, Terry supports all of Imperva’s business functions with his years of industry experience and expertise. Previously he served as Chief Technology Officer where he was responsible for developing and articulating the company’s technical vision and strategy, as well as, maintaining a deep knowledge of the Application and Data Security Solution and Threats Landscape.

    Earlier in his tenure at Imperva, he held the role of Chief Product Strategist where he consulted directly with Imperva’s strategic global customers on industry best practices, threat landscape, application and data security implementation and industry regulations. He continues to operate as an executive sponsor to strategic customers who benefit from having a bridge between both company’s executive teams. He was the first U.S.-based employee, and during his 15 years at Imperva, he has worked hundreds of data security projects to meet the security requirements of customers and regulators from every industry.

    Terry is a frequent speaker for RSA, ISSA, OWASP, ISACA, IANS, CDM, NLIT, The American Petroleum Institute, and other professional security and audit organizations in the Americas and abroad. Terry also provides expert commentary to the media and has been quoted in Security Week, SC Magazine, CBS News, the BBC, and others.