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    Tom O'Malley, Moderator
    Advisor to The Identity Theft Resource Center; Founder, Frozen Pii LLC

    Tom O’Malley is the founder of FrozenPii.com, a public service website promoting free security credit freezes and help for identity theft victims. He also serves as a consultant to the non-profit Identity Theft Resource Center. Previously, Tom was a career state (5 years) and federal prosecutor (32 years) in South Florida and Western North Carolina. His specialized legal experience included working as an Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force Coordinator, Computer Hacking and Intellectual Property (CHIP) Coordinator and Identity Theft Coordinator. Tom also pioneered the use of historical cell site analysis in criminal trials beginning in 2010, and served as an instructor at the U.S. Department of Justice’s National Advocacy Center on the subjects of trial advocacy, searches of electronic devices, electronic evidence and cybercrime training, intellectual property litigation and cell site location analysis. Tom worked with hundreds of criminals as cooperators and government witnesses, and conducted over 200 jury trials during his prosecutorial career.