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    Vinny Troia
    Security Researcher and Pentester, Author "Hunting Cyber Criminals"

    Founder and Principal Security Consultant of Night Lion Security, Vinny Troia brings 20+ years of IT security and development experience. He is also a featured speaker on ABC, CNBC, and Fox News.

    "One afternoon, I drafted an email to the CEO and CISO of a major airline company. The title read – URGENT – Data breach in your network. During our phone conversation later that evening, I proceeded to tell the security admin that I received word from a dark web contact that sensitive data from their network was about to go on sale later that week. Working in tandem with my dark web contacts and the company’s security team, we were able to identify the hacker’s position within their network, turned off their access, and closed the vulnerabilities that allowed them to gain access. This is the kind of thing I do day in and day out, and I love my job." - Vinny Troia