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    Violet Sullivan
    Adjunct Professor, Baylor School of Law; AVP, Cyber Solutions Team Leader, Crum & Forster

    Violet Sullivan leads cyber consulting services at Crum & Forster. She works with insurance carriers, trade associations, and individual business clients from around the world providing expert guidance on cybersecurity threat management and response. She represents Crum & Forster within the legal, insurance, and risk management channels to develop long-term relationships, recurring revenue, and new business growth. Ms. Sullivan is a licensed attorney in Texas and Pennsylvania and a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/US), with her JD and MBA degrees from Baylor University. In addition to her full-time role, Violet serves as a professor of Cybersecurity & Privacy Law for Baylor Law School’s LL.M. Degree in Litigation Management, the first of its kind nationwide. Her diverse practice experience at both the individual and policy levels has prepared her for developing new tools and approaches to solving what is fast-becoming a pervasive and costly challenge in modern industry: how to respond to a cybersecurity incident.

    Early in her career, Violet worked on the incident responses for some of the largest and most notable data breaches to date, including: Home Depot, Sony, and Anthem. Her experience in managing scaled breach responses led to her expertise and proficiency in proactively preparing organizations for cyber incidents. In the past eight years, she has facilitated over 450 cyber incident simulations (tabletops) for public and private sector companies, including many Fortune 100 companies.

    As a cybersecurity and privacy attorney, Violet provides consulting services to respond to the needs of various cybersecurity programs. She reviews and develops customized incident response plans to ensure organizations are prepared to respond efficiently and effectively to a data breach. Violet also helps improve internal coordination by facilitating customized tabletop simulations focused on "pressure-testing" an organization's incident response procedures and protocols. Each of these customer-facing services mentioned has been built and developed for the purpose of creating long-standing relationships that turn to Violet for guidance, referrals, questions, and future projects.

    As a cybersecurity and privacy professor, Violet developed the entire curriculum for an innovative course on cybersecurity and privacy law for licensed attorneys working toward their LL.M. degree. The specific focus on litigation management has made Sullivan’s course and her lecture series uniquely valuable to experts across the United States.