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    Yolanda Reid
    Director, Business Strategy and Growth, Raytheon BBN

    Passionate about addressing the problems related to cybersecurity and technology of the future. People speak about innovation, but Yolanda encourages innovation from workplace entry to developing new tools, solutions, and techniques. As a former U.S. Department of Defense civilian for more than 20 years, she has been "doing cyber" before we had the term, but started "doing innovation" since high school, where she worked at NASA and Exxon USA.

    At Raytheon BBN Technologies, she supports the president with developing strategies to grow how BBN Technologies supports the Intelligence Community needs of today and the needs the IC will have in the near future. At BBN, the workforce is passionate and thrives in producing solutions to hard challenges and developing beyond state-of-the-art research and development. It's a dynamic environment with a constantly evolving portfolio of new projects, always aimed at solving tough problems for our customers. BBN's portfolio consists of these topics: advancing research with DNA, bio-technology, quantum, cybersecurity, AI/ML, acoustics, space, 5G, human language technologies, and secure computer networking devices.

    As an experienced Electrical Engineer from Vanderbilt University, she demonstrated a history of providing strategic leadership to support the Intelligence Community through technology (microelectronics, cellular communications, high speed fiber networks, radio frequencies [RF], SCADA, satellites, cyber security, cloud technologies, and computer software development).